Gamification in user interface design

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Dr. Kovács Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Gamification is a fresh concept in user interface design. The basis of the paradigm is to apply game design elements in non-gaming context to improve user experience (UX) and user engagement. The thesis describes the theoretical background of gamification, then measures and evaluates the effect of applying gamification on user experience with the help of a web-based framework.

From the first examples of the implementation of gamification we get to the mainstream, widespread, massive social networking applications and commercial products used by the enterprise world. We explore that what is the effect of games on humans and how game design elements work in non-gaming environments (e.g. work, studying). We get a glimpse of human cognition, motivation and engagement to understand better why is it important to consciously design user interfaces and how the concept of gamification fits in the big picture.

We will examine how user experience could be measured and which metrics are the best to evaluate the effectiveness of gamification. We design and implement a framework in which we have different tools to measure how the paradigm of gamification works and the viability of this fresh idea could be verified.


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