Graph based web application framework development

OData support
Gulyás Krisztián
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The goal of this essay is to outline the benefits of visual programming and it's major use cases and translate these observations into building a web based alternative. After analyzing the current market of graphical programming tools and their benefits a the step-by-step realization of a web based system is described with detailed information on the theoretical and technical difficulties and in most cases their suggested solutions. The essay gives some example use cases of such a system including data visualization, game programming and visual effect programming in the browser. After listing and comparing the current web-programming techniques and their limitation, the Adobe Flash runtime has been chosen for the implementation due to it's clean object-oriented language and Java like syntax. Both the client and server side architectural design and implementation details have been described and collectively they give an overview of the current state of rich internet application development.


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