Graphical Test Language Editor

OData support
Dr. Adamis Gusztáv
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Communication protocols have a key role in serving the steadily increasing network traffic. To meet the continously growing needs more and more effective protocols are needed. Testing the expected behaviour of these protocols is an essential task. Several test languages exist to achieve this goal. These test languages do not separate the definition and implementation of the test cases, however, it is a legitimate requirement. TDL (Test Description Language) was created to address this issue. TDL provides a higher level of abstraction by which we can graphically define independent and individually interpreted test descriptions.

In my thesis I suggest a solution to develop a graphical editor application to create test descriptions by using the graphical language elements of TDL.

First, I expound the process of developing and testing the communication protocols, then I describe the essential language elements of TDL. In the interest of adaptability I analyze and compare some existing modeling tools as well. In the second part of my thesis I present the design and implementation steps of my suggested solution for a TDL editor and specify the main functions of the application I have developed.


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