Production support on Samsung Smart TV platform

OData support
Bartalis István Mátyás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The era of Smart TVs have arrived. They’re no longer strictly used for watching TV. Instead, they offer various other entertainment purposes, with built-in browser, applications made specifically for TVs, connectivity with cameras and computers. Also they can be controlled with new ways other than the usual remote control, which includes speech-, gesture recognition, and smart phone remote applications.

In my thesis, I decided to look at the whole Smart TV world in a different point of view. Instead of looking at it’s entertainment features, I try to discover it’s usability in the industrial environment.

Having a Smart TV makes it unnecessary to own a computer for running applications. As a result, an application made for Smart TVs could be a cost efficient alternative in an industrial environment, where it’s necessary to have hundreds of workstations, because only the display is needed.

My work for this semester consists of a production support system, which involves a content management system to manage the workflows of products, and a Samsung Smart TV application that can view these information for the assigned workers.


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