Building a HTML5 based game

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The typical online content has changed a lot since the beginning of the web. In the first few years, the text based content with a little bit styling was the typical online content. Nowadays, you can find the old types of web pages on the internet, but you can find application scale web pages and online games, too. The recent technologies provide more and more support to develop online games and online applications. With HTML5, and with its canvas element, you can use a standard way to develop complex applications without using additional technologies like Flash. Some new technologies, for example the TypeScript language, provide a good support for the development of online applications with a big code base. This thesis demonstrates a solution for a task, and with that, it demonstrates the advanced level of the online technologies.

This thesis consists of four chapters. In the first one, you can find some lines that describe the reasons why I chose this topic, and after that, you can read about the most important details of the game that I have created. In the second chapter, I demonstrate the technologies that I used to create the game. In the third chapter, you can find the documentation of the work. In the first section of this chapter, I describe the steps of the creation of graphical elements. In the second section, I explain the code of the application. The longest part of this section is the demonstartion of the organization of the code. After describing the organization logic, I deal with only some interesting parts of the code, because of the thesis length requirement. In the fourth chapter, there are some sentences about the whole project, and after that, I present some ways to evolve the game.


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