Developing an HTML5 game

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The subject of my thesis is getting acquainted with possibilities given by the HTML5 standard, and the TypeScript language throughusing them both to create a game. After the introduction I will briefly present the TypeScript language, the technologies given by the HTML and the technologies used by me. The possibilities discovered here are being shown, and used by creating a game of my own design.

After this, I will discuss the actual implementation of the game. I will talk about the online multiplayer games, and the problems and solutions of such a game, and I will present my solution to these problems. I will also discuss the hardships of the communications and paralell processing implementations in a web application as well as my solutions to the issues presented. I sum up my findings regarding optimalisation, and testing. I will also briefly discuss my map editor for the game.

At the end of my thesis I will briefly discuss the process of exporting a HTML page into a mobile application.


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