Implementing a hardware related test software for transmission control unit in automotive industry using AUTOSAR

OData support
Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The increasing number of controllers is a serious problem through the organizing of automotive software development. The sources of this problem is the solving of controllers’ communication task, the integration of multiple supplier’s software and the simulation of the customer’s software for the suppliers. Fortunately, there is oppurtunity to solve all three of the problems.

A solution for the problem of integration of multiple supplier software is a standard declaration which can be used to easily configure the software with the help of the code generation. Furthermore these softwares can be easily replaced by each other. This provides wider market and more robustness for the applications. The AUTOSAR spreading more and more as a solution for the problem.

The increased number of controllers in automotive industry forced the developers for seeking solutions regarding the communication modules in the 80’s. The Robert Bosch company manufactured the CAN as a solution for the controllers’ communication problem which can be found in every vehicle from the 90’s till nowadays.

This thesis is written at the Robert Bosch GmbH in the section of the automatic transmission controller development. The Bosch develops software as a supplier for HW and SW management. Through the process of development, the software of the customer is not available but necessary (for developing and testing) for the supplier. As a solution, the supplier can develop a test software, which simulates the software of the customer.

In this document, all three topic play a role. The theme of the thesis is an implementation of the testsoftware’s CAN interface using AUTOSAR. The development steps will be tracked through defining of new test messages.


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