Automatic calibration of hardware in the loop systems

OData support
Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis I created a hardware and software system that is suitable for calibrating the channels of dSpace simulators.

The first part of my thesis is about the process of automotive developments at Robert Bosch Ltd., especially the test process. I describe the importance and process of Hardware in the loop simulations generally and specifically during the testing of steering system. At Robert Bosch Ltd. the testers use dSpace simulators for Hardware in the loop tests. I show the hardware structure and the software tools of the dSpace that I used during my work.

The test system’s channels are not calibrated but this is indispensable for the safety-critical automotive developments’ tests. In my thesis I analyze the calibration options of the channels and specify advantages and disadvantages of the HIL selftest calibration system.

I describe the structure and functions of the HIL selftest which I created. I list the devices of the hardware construction: microcontroller board with communication modul, relay cards and the oscilloscope.

I show the software construction of the microcontroller program and the integration possibilities of the oscilloscope. I created an oscilloscope control interface in Visual C# and I used its functions from the simulation environement.

Finally I calibrated a PWM output channel of the dSpace system. I certified that ofsets occured during the measurement and I show the differencies graphically.


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