Development of Usability Test Application

OData support
Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays people are reached by many digital contents. The user experience is highly affected by the way information shows up in front of them on the user interface of the application.

It is not enough that the program works, it should be also structured so that it can be easily used by the users. The surface has to be unambiguous, there should be no need to read hundreds of pages of user’s guide. The menus should be logically built not to spend minutes with finding a simple function and the error messages should be obvious. In my opinion, most developers and designers do not pay attention to these, but they aim to do the functions requested by the customers as soon as possible before the deadline, so at the end there is no time left for checking the user interface widely and deeply.

In my thesis I examine why it is an important topic, what criteria need to be fulfilled when making a program’s appearance, what steps are necessary and what kind of implementations exist already to test the usability. Then I show what technology resources are needed to create a usability tester application. Moreover, I present my program which was designed through the experiences I had got before, I describe the difficulties which I found during the development and my solutions for them. Finally, I sum up what I learned on my thesis project and propose possibilities for further improvements.


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