Development of a Usability Testing Application

OData support
Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays there is barely any place where there is no digital interface, from the digital tables on the street (whether it is an advertisement or a timetable) through the digital maps in the malls, to the growing number of websites and applications. Since the beginning of the spread of digitalization it is getting more and more important to understand what makes these interfaces understandable for the people.

If an application cannot be used easily, if the user cannot figure out anything in order to complete a task , they will probably not going to use that application anymore, which will cause less income if it is a website, and if it is an information equipment it loses its purpose.

To understand and eliminate these kind of problems we need to use usability testing, which I am going to describe in my thesis. For a usability testing we need to select people from the target audience and face them with typical task regarding that application.

In my thesis I am going to introduce some of the ways usability testing can be done, and I am going to describe one of the method in details. I am going to describe why it is important to usability test an application.

After that I am going to present the specification of my application, the technologies which I used to create the program, and I am going to describe the usage of the final application.


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