Automation design of a household micro generation system

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Dr. Hamar János Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

One of the most important topic in the last years is the utilization of renewable energy sources. Taking advantage of renewable energy sources becomes more common not just in industrial scale, but in simple households. One of the most promising energy recovery system can be a Stirling cycle-based household power plant, built from a motor that uses temperature difference and a connected generator.

In this thesis I describe the different areas of existing energy recovery schemes for households, and their operation.

At first I explain the operation of a Stirling engine, and determine the parameters required for its operation. With a short comparison, I will choose the proper process monitoring system for Stirling-motorized household micro generation system.

In the second half of my thesis I will detail the design of the Stirling motorized waste heat regeneration system (household power plant). The main task of the system to supervise the operation, and inform the user about the parameters and measured values from the process. Finally, I represent the operation of the system using a model Stirling engine.


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