Developing a Web Portal Using Modern Technologies to Improve Spelling Skills

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The topic of spelling had my attention already in primary school, and later I also gained interest in web development, which played an important role in my life because it drew me to the world of IT. As a result of these two factors, I created a portal before my university studies to provide a way for developing spelling skills. The technologies and solutions I used are considered obsolete today, and I wrote the code with little programming experience. Since then, the web has progressed a lot and I did not keep up with its new features.

Within the scope of my thesis, I aimed at redesigning and reimplementing the portal with modern technologies. After defining the requirements, I first collected and studied the most popular server- and client-side frameworks and technologies. I selected one from both sides, which I found to be the most suitable for the project. I designed the application's architecture taking the picked technologies into consideration. Finally, I implemented a subset of the original website’s functions, which resulted in an efficient, modern, usable portal capable of supporting the practice of spelling.

The completed solution can provide a good basis for further development. After implementing the missing features, the new portal could replace the old one.


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