Location based event organizer for Android platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the dominance of online social networks becomes determining in website views. In turn the development of smartphones allows of reaching these sites from almost anywhere. Besides this, the access from phones opens the door to new possibilities, since it provides new, unique functions, which are expanding the opportunities of social networks.

The COPI project tries to reveal these fresh possibilities available on cellphones, for instance the localization is a central theme, and it is being infiltrated organically into known social network options.

The Android platform gives all the support, what developing of a modern mobile application needs, and besides the assure of accessing the hardware, it specially helps to make the development environment smooth, comfortable and transparent.

The object was to integrate two new functions into the project. The implemented location based event-organization in other words is creating and managing map-searchable events, with dynamic contents. Besides functions known from social networks –such as inviting friends to the event, attending, checking the participants- it uses the phone’s PDA opportunities too, since you can synchronize the events with the device calendars. Apart from this, the options those are available at points of interest, also available at the events, such as location-attachable multimedia contents (photos, video, sound), comments, tags.

Location based voice sending uses more the phone as a navigation device, and also applies the basic functions; voice recording and playing. The function is an uncommon way of sending personal messages automatically; it delivers a prerecorded voice content to the set friends, when you arrive to the defined location on the map. When the voice content is sent, it is played automatically on the recipients’ device.


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