Local-Dependent Games for Local Users

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Dr. Molnár Sándor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

With the development of mobile telecommunications more and more applications are appearing, that exploit the opportunities offered by new technologies. A row of new applications, games are taking the advantages of the multimedia capabilities of wireless communicating handheld devices conquer themselves more and more market share. But the wireless communication in most cases is still quite costly. However, the home broadband internet subscriptions are now available to everyone at reasonable prices. As part of this work taking advantage of this duality was the game CELLITE established, a location-based mobile game adapted to a computer game version, which is playable in an Internet browser.

In the introduction, the problem will be presented, which is the lack of proper application, in which home users may be involved in the game. After introducing the game to an easier understanding of the completed application, which has a new environment, and in a short section the techniques used for the development will be described. In a short section of the user's guide, the network structure will be shown to the reader. In the planning phase, each component is placed, which is used during the operation of the game. The effective implementation of the plans is discussed in detail, where the established structure of the application is explained, and then, after a description of the main items I deal with details. The finished work, the results were subjected to test rounds, during which the server load was investigated depending on the number of clients, and based on two examples the resource requirements are seen on the side of clients.


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