Feature development to the safety control of a hydraulic press tool

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

I started my thesis with the introduction of the hydraulic presses form my project, with some detail on the Programmable Logic Controllers background, and with a description about my colleagues and my line of work during the project.

Then I showed which hardware modifications are used in PLC-s, and how are these achieving better safety level than normal controllers. I included the relevant companies way to support these safety systems with programming environments, and I went into details with the PSS WIN_PRO, describing the parts of it that I needed to learn and use during my project.

I made a chapter on the part of EN ISO 13849-1 standard that describes the process of the Risk Assessment and the evaluation strategy of the designed safety functions. Besides these methods I clarified the relevant terms regarding machine safety.

Finally I listed the function blocks that I needed to modify during the job, and I also gave a short description of them. Then I suggested some modifications in order to further improve the safety level and the speed and efficiency of the production.


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