Determining Human Iris Color

OData support
Bányász Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

At first sight people usually take note of other people's appearance. When we ask someone to describe other people, first they usually describe hair, eye or skin colour. These properties mostly determined by melanin pigmentation.

Recent developments in molecular biology made possible to predict pigment production based on DNA samples, thus it is possible to predict hair-, eye- and skin color. External factors have affected significant influence on hair and skin color. The eye colour fades after many years, but other external factors have minimal effect. Eye colour mainly determined by melanin production and disposal, which is influenced by genes.

Network of Forensic Science Institutes, Institute of Forensic Medicine in Budapest started a project called „Pigment” in order to determine eye colour of an individual from DNA samples. To build the model to predict eye colour, we need to collect and process large number of DNA samples and images of eyes of volunteers. The task is to create an application that support sample extraction by making easier to create, handle and process image samples.


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