Implementation and simulation of a receiver for IEEE 802.11ad standard

OData support
Csuka Barna
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The usage of wireless telecommunication technology has been growing and now various electronic devices are required to have more improved capacity for communicating between devices with high speed data rate. The growing demand for high speed wireless communication calls a new technologies and these affect our life style to improve more convenient in many situations. A WiGig, improved version of WiFi, presents new methodology for living indoor environment with the approximately up to 10 times higher data rate than the used version now. It opens unprecedented possibility to achieve new ways to utilize wireless communication systems. This paper is to seek the understanding about basic background knowledge of wireless telecommunication, practical limitations of usage in real world, WiGig operations at a receiver and both estimation and compensation of errors through simulation by Matlab. Consequently, both implementation and error estimation of WiGig are investigated and described on this paper.


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