Developing IT Inventory Modul for Business Management System

OData support
Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Many companies use another party’s system operation service to build and maintain their own computer park and computer systems. These services came to existence as a reaction to the rapid growth of information technology, which an average person hardly can keep up with, thus many companies base their operations around these services alone.

The main idea of the IT Inventory was to expand the services of IT Operations. IT Inventory is a software created for companies dealing with system operation to help them maintain up-to-date records of the information systems used by their clients. All the recorded data are available both for the operating company and for the operated companies as well. The Inventory is an independent module embedded into the ERP system of the operating company. The main subject of this Thesis is developing this module and extending it with workstation control and other functionalities.

The implemented functions are mainly connected to the workstations, such as the ability to search them based on some filters or keywords, or the signals for alerting the user if the computer is outdated. In addition to these functionalities, a change tracking feature makes it easier to find potential anomalies.


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