Development of an USB infrared remote control

OData support
Lois László Dr.
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays, one of the most widely applied computer connection option is the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. A broad selection of devices using USB is available and they are capable of fulfilling almost every function. This paper intends to introduce the planning and production of one of these instruments. Namely a USB peripheral device which communicates with the computer through the USB interface using infra sings. This work consists of the design, manufacture and test phase for both a transmitter and a receiver unit. In the first part of this paper, the general description of the USB standard is introduced and its specifications are explained along with the functioning of USB keyboards. Besides, the paper deals with the controller intended to be applied and the programming possibilities of it. Secondly, the often used infra protocols are scrutinized, revealing the characteristic features of variants compared to each other. Thirdly, my choice over the protocol and the determining factors are declared. The structure and the attributes of the particular variant are also presented. After representing these examinations the paper comes to the point of realizing the project; and drafts are made for the transmitter and the receiver unit. After the creation of the sufficient plans the hardware is designed and manufactured. Foremost, the development of the receiver is described, concerning the hardware implementation using test panels, and the steps of software implementation are also unfolded. Finally, the development of the transmitter is demonstrated. When the hardware is constructed, the iterations of the software implementation are illustrated through the process, describing the operation with measurement figures of an oscilloscope.

Finally, there is a proposition for the universality of the receiver unit and for other development possibilities.


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