Estate search and advertisement system with Android support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the market of the mobile devices developed by leaps and bounds and with the wide spread of the Android OS the claim for applications developed specifically for mobile phones has opened. The major of this unique software are client applications, because the most of the resources needed are given by the remote host, so their role is only to process the data and present it spectacularly.

In my thesis work I show the development of such a system, using only the latest technologies to manage and search between estate advertisements. First I examine the currently working online advertising portals, survey the existing applications functionality, and try to find out the needs of the general user. Based on the information gathered I plan my own solution for the different parts of the task, and choose the most suitable technologies for implementation. Then, I introduce the implementation of each part, paying special attention to the ability of the individual components to work independently, and also provide the opportunity for future development. After that, I summarize the final operation of the system and verify that it matches the given requirements. Finally I indicate the opportunities for further development of the idea.

The system is based on a server that allows clients to communicate with the database. This will be implemented by the Spring MVC WEB Framework which is based on the JAVA language that provides a REST API to handle the data.

The other side of the system is software written in JAVA that runs on Google Android devices. This application executes the communication with the server, which reaches a central database for the desired information. This client program is able to display to users ads from the system, save their favorites, and post new ads.


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