Development of a property management system on PHP platform

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our rapidly evolving and running world it’s not a negligible aspect to record, store and process new knowledge. Such task is the computerized management of real estates, stores, kiosks or ATMs of a mall.

Under maintaining such a system, processing and moving a large amount of data is meant. The difficulty arises from the quantity and also the diversity of data.

Today many multinational companies struggle with this problem so our firm, AdiumSoft Kft. came up with a solution: implementing a system to track the data of rented or rentable stores of a mall easily thereby the everyday tasks of clerks and assistants will be easier, too.

My firm chose a PHP based backend and a HyperText Markup Language/Cascading Style Sheet, JavaScript based frontend for the project. Data is stored in a MySQL database. It was an important aspect to create an easy-to-use, from browser reachable web application as well as a fast updateable and on modules built system with the ability to be extended in the future. Of course, I also wanted to learn all these platforms and technologies. At the end of the project I can bravely say that I’ve successfully achieved all of the mentioned goals.

In conclusion I can tell that I’ve learnt a lot from this task and I will also work with pleasure on similar projects in the future.


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