Incremental Query Evaluation using i3QL

OData support
Dr. Bergmann Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis as an introduction I present the base definitions that required to understand the tasks I solved, furthermore the the topic of my thesis the i3QL technology and the Train Benchmark framework. I present the used technologies, tools and describe the i3QL functioning, its syntax and the Train Benchmark model implementation. After these I present the steps I done during my thesis. I transformed the Train Benchmark model to relational schema with i3QL technology and I wrote the first four measure-ment tasks. Using the Train Benchmark’s generator interface I implemented the generation of the i3QL’s schema. As originally SBT based i3QL library I transformed into a Maven one. By implementing the Train Benchmark interface in Scala and i3QL, I created in the framework the i3QL measurement tool. Using this new tool, I measured the i3QL performance and compared it to other existing tools, one of them is a regular, stateless query technology the other one is (IncQuery) incremental query technology like the i3QL, so in this way I got an overall view about its true performance. Finally I evaluated the measurement results and based on this and on my experiences I evaluated the i3QL itself.


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