Softwere Support for Innovation Flows in Corporate Environment

OData support
Dr. Kovács Kálmán
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Most organizations try to find an effective way of collecting, sorting and ranking ideas to drive their growth and renewal, therefore companies implement new collaborative IT tools that could support these efforts and allow employees across the organizations to cooperate by using discussion forums, sharing systems or wikis, etc.

Hereafter, I attempt to find solutions to a few questions. The first one is whether there is any chance of using a type of software to build the whole communication system inside the entire company. Whenever people work, they have ideas. As we know, innovation is really important nowadays, so the second question is how we can collect every emerging idea. Are there any processes that may help us to under- stand the right innovation flows? Every system and software has weaknesses. The question, as always, is how we can solve the problems that have been created by the weaknesses.

During my internship at a Hungarian subsidiary of a Multinational Company I had an insight into the flow of innovative ideas being implemented. I was invited to conferences and meetings as well, where I could hear engineers implementing software, discussing motivation and support, debating the available ideas and the ways of supporting them or changing them slightly to make them more successful.

There is a fairly plausible answer to the question that I have asked in the Intro- duction. Microsoft SharePoint’s primary task is to build a communication network within the whole company. As far as the second question is concerned, IdeaBoxes can solve its main mission, which is to store ideas. Employees can rate them and finally managers can choose the best ideas. So that tool does what it is required to do but it does matter how. In relation with the third question, it can be claimed that the Innovation Value Chain can show the innovation flows and its weaknesses. There will always be weaknesses in the innovation flows but I have found a suitable solution to the most important ideas.

I believe that our aim has to be to create tools for users, so for their expectations. I have seen several tools made by users to solve the problems that the offical tools do not include. I think there are a number of differences between the users’ needs and the possibilities that the offical software provides.


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