Design of intelligent building supervisory system with microcontroller

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the forthcoming decades, the comfort functions and services provided by our homes, may change drastically. Making the individual devices Internet ready is just the beginning, fitting the collected data and the provided functionality together might be the real breakthrough. Without a doubt the automation of buildings (smart home) will be a major stage of development and innovation in electrical engineering in the near future.

My primary goal was to get to know the technologies applied on the fields of IOT and smart home, and acquire experience from fields like hardware design, Internet protocol and the creation of high level user interfaces.

At the first part of my paper, I review two summary articles written on the topic, with special emphasis on factors prohibiting the spread of smart homes, and the popular applied tools and techniques.

Under my thesis I create a demonstration system with a central unit and three peripherals. The role of the central unit is played by a touchscreen equipped Raspberry Pi 3. The application providing the functionality was implemented with the Qt framework on Linux operating system. Furthermore an environmental sensor (measuring temperature, humidity, air pressure and 4 channel light) a magnetic open detector and a remote switchable 230V network socket with power metering are added to the setup. The solution communicates through a standard WiFi network.


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