Developement of an Intelligent Home Automation System with Encrypted Wireless Connections

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Csorvási Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The electronic industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of the world. Taking advantage of its development we are able to design smaller, higher performance and more efficient devices, for a continuously decreasing price. Automation of our home, keeping its environmental parameters – as temperature, humidity, light, etc. – at an optimum level has been in the centre of interest for a long time. The topic of my thesis is designing, developing and creating such an intelligent home automation system from the basics.

After discussing the system overview, the thesis introduces what kind of modules the system is built up from. Next it demonstrates the through electrical component selection for the printed circuit boards, and we can get a short insight of the schematic design as well. Built from the schematics, the printed circuit board designs are presented as well, along with their assembly.

After the hardware design was fully introduced, the thesis is focused on presenting the software. We can get an insight of the radio communication between each modules and can get to know their encryption method in detail. After presenting the two very similar embedded systems, we can inform about the software written on the Raspberry PI under Linux environment and the JSON message processing by the PHP webserver. Introducing the development of the Android application concludes the discussion of the software system, then a short presentation of the complete system, a few thoughts about the experience gained, a quick summary and self-development needs concludes the thesis.


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