Smart irrigation system

OData support
Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

As soil moisture has significant influence on the yield of crops, maintaining the moisture level optimal for the cultivated culture is of paramount importance. Dynamic irrigation management based on soil parameters and environmental variables is the task of a control system, which makes decision based on data acquired by a distributed sensor network, capable of providing accurate measurements for individual locations of large production sites.

The thesis presents the development and implementation of selected components of an intelligent irrigation system. Embedded data acquisition systems, used as devices of the sensor network are introduced along with the temperature, humididy and light intensity sensors connected to them. Development and implementation of a prototype sensor for soil moisture measurement is given in details. The energy-efficient communication protocol, essential for the operation of the distributed system is presented along with simulation tests.

The water balance model used as a basis for decision making is detailed along with the design of a fuzzy logic controller for irrigation management. Performance of the control system is evaluated using the results of a simulation test based on real environmental data sets.


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