Design of interactive games with modern web technologies

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Dr. Kovács Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My thesis will show how I designed and created a cross-platform game. A softvere is cross-platform if it can run on diveces which use different operateing systems. The game will teach children how to collcet waste in a selective way. Becasue the game will be used by school aged children, I spent a greate amount of time planning the user interface and design the game to fit the expectation of a little child. I will use web technologies to create the game. I choose web technologies, because all of the browser can run these kind of code, like HTML or JavaScript. In the designing process, I deasign the user interface and the functions it represent. I will use pictures for that porpuse. After that I will use diagramms (activity diagramm and use-case diagramm) to design the game and functions of the server. I will use modern technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX and PHP. For the coding part I used Adobe’s Animate CC, in the thesis this will be presented. The JavaScript and the HTML will be runing in the smartphone’s browser and will use AJAX calls to communicate with the server. PHP code will be running ont he server, this will manage the database and respond to the AJAX calls. I will use test cases to test the game. My roommates will help me to test the webpage. We will use our phones and PCs to do it. I will correct the errors we discover during the testing phase.


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