Development of Interactive Exhibition Companion Application for Android

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The rapid progression of informatics and electronics indisputably leaves a mark on the world. Digital technology continues to appear in more and more places utilizing the possibilities it offers. The museums also started to use such devices in order to make their exhibitions more spectacular and easier to understand.

Today smartphones and tablets are easy to come by and are found all over the world, these provide an easy solution for communicating layered information and supplement an interactive interface to extend the knowledge mediation functions of traditional artifacts and maps.

The goal of the thesis is the creation of an application prototype, which presents the above mentioned advantages of electrical devices inside museums by which the huge amount of cultural and historical knowledge can be presented in a diverse and amusing way.

While working on the thesis I had the possibility to gain insight into the world of virtual reality. The expansion of this technology provids new possibilities for many people and associations, including museums. With the aid of VR, historical events and immersive scenes can be relived or viewed as if the visitor were there in person. To display and experience these events, battles and the VR functionalities a prototype application was created to show a battle scene with the relevant camera movements in a VR environment.


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