Interactive Localization for Web Applications

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The translation of web applications to multiple languages is still a prosy job where the translator gets a reference to the database of language elements and translates every record one by one. This procedure seems to be effective, but it contains a lot of translation errors. The main cause of these errors is that the translator does not know the context of the elements. In my thesis, I try to present a solution to overcome translation errors, where the translating process will be interactive.

I’ve created two applications, a translating software and a test application, these apps will be on the same user interface. The test application is a multilingual web application, where the user is capable of swapping between the languages. The reason of this application is to demonstrate the translating process. The translating processes, started by the translating application, will cause dynamically an interactive response from the test application.

In my thesis my job was to design, implement and demonstrate the communication and the translating process between these software.


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