Developing an interactive mobile application using VR technology

OData support
Dr. Vida Rolland
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In our rushing life we are living our social needs in a virtual space without real interactions. Just think about Facebook, Instagram, or even Pokemon Go, they became quite popular because all of them simplify our life in many ways.

Thanks to the wide spreading of the virtual reality systems humanity got a lot of new opportunities and the market is curious about that. We can create astonishing platforms which can be capable of managing complex interactions. This opens new possibilities in many areas such as education or health care.

The aim of my BSc thesis is to create a complex platform where the users can take part in an individual experience and they can have a huge impact on the outcome with several built-in interactions. The thesis presents all of this in the framework of the virtual reality technology, it helps to create an extraordinary experience, and it provides a feeling of truly being there. It can be suitable to tell any kind of stories and it can also present historical events from a unique perspective. The dissertation shows how the project was planned, how it was implemented, and presents the technological difficulties I have encountered during the whole process.


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