Interactive projection

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The goal of this thesis is to give an introduction into the world of intelligent image

processing through the example of an open air light-game installation. There is a

significant trend of processing and analysing all kind of information extracted from

our environment. We are surrounded by a great amount of visual information but the

sector of real-time image processing has just started to gain more attention.

As informatics become a deeply integrated part of our life, the demand will grow for

more intuitive user interfaces and input methods.

The theoretical basics of computer vision have been layed down decades ago but the

necessary hardware environment only became recently available. The sudden

increase in generally available processing power is supported by two factors:

graphical processors become easier programmable also for third party developers and

on the other hand, the number of cores in a general CPU is constantly increasing

thereby enabling more parallel execution.

The current technological development enables mankind to practice computing as

one of the most democratic sciences. We can create novel, useful, spectacular

projects, often with great added value using a simple computer and freely available



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