Game Logic Development with Unreal Engine 4

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Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Computer games often require heavy software and algorithmic development skills, where the especially demanding performance requirements and the most complex software architectureare present at the same time.Therefore, bigger games should not be built from scratch, instead a so called game engine is much more efficient to use. Recently, these software systems have gone through an immense change using the growing possibilities of graphical hardware and following the evolution of technology of video games.

One of the most advanced new generation game engine is Unreal Engine 4. This is a complex system on its own, and requires great expertise to use. Still, it gives one the chance to develop computer games in a faster and more efficient way without the need to solve every problem on his own.

The purpose of this thesis is to plan and develop gameplay elements, which can be used flexibly in higher level of game development without any programming knowledge. The components are created in native code and they are compatible with the script system of the Unreal Engine. Writing the necessary scripts and developing a sample game is also part of the thesis.

At the end there is an evaluation focusing on the work and on the usability of the engine.


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