Modelling of Java based data oriented solutions with code generation

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the 21st century within the world of information technology newer and newer technologies, software solutions and platforms appear with an increasing pace, which ones develope fast. Looking back to the past 5-10 years we can see that this trend is getting more significant. While at the millennium especially desktop and mainframe systems were developed, nowadays mobile software development and distributed, data driven system development with rich communication technologies are the lead branch. As in the first few decades of information technology mostly relational database management systems were available, nowadays a great variety of new datastore techniques are accessible and growing fast. But this accelerated progression causes challenges to the developers, so they often target only one platform, domain or application layer to keep up with these innovations.

Based on these circumstances the objective of my thesis was to develope an application that supports these modern information systems’ development with data access layer and data driven system communication modeling with platform independent domain-specific languages. It provides validation, model processing and platform specific code generation resulting the source code, which can be used by the developers. So this software on the one hand intended to support multiplatform development, on the other hand in the whole lifecycle of the development it provides automated code generation with the continuous maintenance of the model.

I chose the Eclipse framework in which I implemented this application as a plug-in, which is integrated into the system. So this extension provides a modeling environment for the application developers to ease their difficulty in the development, based on the Eclipse platform and its extension services. I chose the supported Java platforms (JavaME, JavaSE, JavaEE, Android, Spring) as target platforms extended with the currently most popular data access layer technologies and communication frameworks to support these modern, various, complex software solutions all together.


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