Development of an event handler and control software for the KNX system

OData support
Novák Balázs
Department of Electric Power Engineering


The facility management development changed the demands about the tools and system.. In my thesis I present the EIB bus properties, and the development steps of one software. This software control the lab equipment, what are located in 109 room in V1 building of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

In the first part I present evolution of the EIB bus system, the properties of the bus system, and the standardized architecture of EIB system. Very important part of the paragraph the massage’s form, and the telegrams management on the bus system.

In the second part, I present, how can handle the bus and the PC connection, and how can handle the telegrams using the Falcon. In this paragraph I did not detail all part of Falcon, just that items what I will use.

The final chapter of the thesis I present the program developing steps. I present the framework what I used for to develop. The important steps of the development and the source code I demonstrate the software.


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