Social network application for Windows Phone 7

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Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The expression „contacts network” brings the – nowadays really popular - social websites to most people’s mind. In these web applications users can have contacts, belong to groups and share their daily lives. Nevertheless, there is one more thing, which can describe even more complicated relationships than a social network: a family tree.

Genealogy is a very complex study, the relationships between persons can be so diverse, that it’s hard to collect and represent all of the possibilities. That is the reason, why dealing with this exciting topic is a great challenge.

Within the confines of this thesis my goal is to create a software, in which many people would be interested – using the newest technologies. A family tree creator application could achieve large popularity, because how millions of users visit social network websites daily to pick up information about friends, so do most of them care about their roots. Furthermore, ancestry concerns everybody, regardless of the person’s age.

The mobile application which I have created got the name “Bonsai FamilyTree”, referring to its compactness, by making it possible to “carry family trees in our pocket”. It was written to Windows Phone 7, which fits my goal (the usage of newest technologies), since the operating system had just been released officially two months ago. My aim was to exploit the possibilities of the new platform and the smartphones designed to run Windows Phone 7 (for example camera usability, multi-touch, integrated Bing Maps services).

The newly created application can be used for making and editing family trees, sharing them with other users, who – possessing the appropriate rights – can also make changes. In order to get a visual representation of the family members’ locations, they can also be displayed on a map by their birthplaces.

Following the paradigm of Windows Phone 7, I focused on easy, user-friendly handling and perspicuity, which ended up in a – in my opinion – useful mobile application that can be used by anyone without fear.


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