Simulation of electromagnetic disturbance emission of switched-mode power supply modules

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Szalay Zoltán Attila
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The increasing number of electronic devices in the automobile creates strict

regulations concerning electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). In order to meet

the new standards and still keep development time short, traditional EMC

measurement methods are moving away from the anechoic chambers to the designer's

desks and more importantly to the computer. Beside the car- and component level

tests, the module- and integrated circuit (IC) level measurement methods are

gaining attention, as the complex systems need to be simplified and possible

disturbance sources must be isolated and investigated alone for effective

problem exploration.

The purpose of the development work done at the hardware development group of

the Car Multimedia department of Robert Bosch Kft. in Budapest was to establish

a method for evaluation of the near-field emission profile of a power supply

module, using a new-type of capacitive measurement method and combining circuit

and 3D electromagnetic simulation softwares. Using a simplified 3D model of a

power supply module developed in the group, we were able to simulate the

measurement, which is necessary to rely more on the simulation methods in the

early stage of EMC development tasks.

The simulation environment that has been built up during our work gives us the

possibility for fast and cost-effective examination of other power supply

modules during the development.


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