Dynamic Generation of Web Pages for Questionaries in e-Government

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Today in information technology in Hungary, the automation of government processes is a rather promising and yet challenging topic. Most of these processes are not automated, they are not at all user friendly and mostly require personal appearance at registration offices, despite the fact that the technological requirements are already met.

Typically, a government process starts with the filling of a printed form at a registration office. This alone makes it a time consuming activity, not to mention the rest of the procedure. However, this could be replaced by an automated process, for example, we could fill these forms on a website. In this case, personal appearance would only be necessary at critical tasks, like personal identification (applying digital signatures would solve this problem too, but for now this remains an idealistic thought).

In most cases, the workflows supporting these processes are very complicated, containing many branches and decisions. There are also many such processes existing, so implementing a web form for each simply is not an option due to it's high costs. This thesis and the application it results seek a solution to this problem: the aim is to implement a web site that is able to interpret workflows (drawn on flowcharts), and generates the corresponding web form.

To accomplish this, the following tasks must be done:

- build an inner model to support the necessary functions

- determine the required data structures

- give a standard (BPMN 2.0) representation of a government process, for which the application will generate a web form


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