Formation control for wheeled mobile robots

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Robotics is a continuously developing interdisciplinary field where besides mechanical and electrical solutions, informatics is also becoming more and more important on its own, as we can see it in the subfield of intelligent vehicles or humanoid robots. There are many cases where we can control robots with the use of high-level programming which does not require deep understading of low level programming and electronics, so any programmer can be suitable for that role.

This thesis also relies on this kind of controlling. Its exact subject is the formation control of wheeled mobile robots. Synchronizing the movement of robots when they are part of a group is very important. We can take examples of the implementation of military strategies or the algorithms made for minimazing the chance of collisions.

The thesis will examine some route planner algorithms and show implementations of them which were made in the environment of MATLAB. At first, we will review the mathematical equations of the algorithms then follow the steps of the created code. In the last chapters we will look at the outputs of different simulations where we can compare them with each other.


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