Possibilities of search engine optimization in practice

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Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The topic of my thesis is the examination of the search engine optimization possibilities. First, I introduce briefly the development of the internet and why the search egnines are so important in the transparency of that. Then I review the evolution of them from the initial link library to nowadays free word seekers.

I present the most important information about today’s search engines, their history, how they work, both theoretical and practical side. This makes understable what SEO is and why it is so important in today’s web, the imortance which is so underappreciated.

I introduce the most famous search engine, the Google in particular. Because of the significant percentage of people use, I go through the details of its operation and the steps whiches are needed for successful position. However it is important to know, that these things are universally applicable, and any engine will appreciate them, even if a different scale.

In addition of the dominace of the Google, of course I discuss the applications are becoming more popular these days, which can jeopardize the future of the search engine giant’s monopoly.

The search engines’ exact operation will never be known, because these are very important trade secrets. Neverthless, numerous print and online articles and publications dealing with them. This information was obtained in all cases by the authors emperically and count to proven methods. These are recommendations for developing a website.

After the different techniques, I transform an older non optimized page. Actually, rewrite from the ground up to meet all the requirements, previously I gathered earlier in my thesis. Then I evaluate the changes, despite of the sort time, they will not be considered to significant and final.

At the end of the thesis I propose further long-term development, which will improve the ranking on the search result pages.


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