Analysis of Search Engine Optimization Methods

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Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

SEO – short for Search Engine Optimization – is a fairly hot topic in the 21th century.The essay is a summary of the most important knowledge about the history of search engines, their operation and of course the theory and the practice of the optimization for them. We are about to understand which historical facts lead to the evolution of today’s search engines, what is the secret that made Google the number one on the search engine market, and what efforts they make to keep this position.

The basic knowledge about the operation of search engines is well known, but the details are concealed. Only observations can be reclined upon during the optimization procedure. The algorythm updates coming form time to time create new challenges again and again for SEO professionals. They develop new technics to rank their pages higher. They cheat search engines unscrupulously in a black hat or highlight their good qualities and produce quality content in a white hat. I am about to summarize these technics, and test the white hat ones on a website built by myself and to analyze the benfits of the optimization.


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