I/O Extender Design

OData support
Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The subject of my thesis is to design and create a printed circuit board which was made for the Hungarian Hyundai Technology Center. The device I desigend is a circuit unit of a 3-phase inverter, using renewable energy solutions (solar and wind energy). The hardware communicates via Modbus RTU, and through the received messages, it senses 24V signals and carries out switches. My thesis demonstrates the steps of designing the hardware, from selecting the components, until the testing of the circuit.

The introduction presents a brief overview of the past and future of green energy solutions, and the short history of Hyundai Heavy Industries.

The second chapter introduces the inverter at system level, where my hardware will be used.

In the third chapter the exact process of the design and the complete specification of the device is shown.

The fourth chapter demonstrates the design of the hardware. The main focus is on the creation of the shematic, because the selection of the required components and the calculation of the passive and active components take place here.

The fifth chapter introduces the software tools wich are necessary for developing the embedded software to the MCU, after that a short test software, and the hardware’s first start is described.

Finally I discuss the further development options of the panel.


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