Display interfacing to NetFlex PLC

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Horváth István Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The task of my thesis was to plan a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to a PLC family, named Daisy NetFlex which is the next generation PLC of Telekont Ltd. Three main lines were set by my supervisor: built-in module with the CPU, module attached to C rail, and module mounted to the door of instrument case.

The three types of displays are different and able to serve the growing demand of service functions and in this wise they are able to cover the full scale of claims supported by applications.

In all three cases I had to know the hardware and software features of NetFlex, and the features and properties of displays that can be found on the market. After that I had to suggest displays for each modules taking into account demands and possibilities of them.

At the end, I made mechanical, spectacle design, circuit diagram and user program to each modules.

The first chapter summarizes the main features of NetFlex PLC.

The next three chapters are about the three different HMIs. At the beginning of them they include specifications of the work, claims supported by each module, displays that were found during my search and the selection process of them.

The second chapter contains the introduction of the built-in module, its mechanical plan and circuit diagram.

The next chapter outlines the second module that can be attached to C rail, module parts and plans. Beside them I would like to show the software side that ensure the graphical part of the module.

The third chapter is the documentation of the door mounted module which includes both the hardware and the software side.


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