Technical requirements of DG connection to the MV grid

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Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Protection of our environment is becoming really significant in our days. As the technique evolves, renewable energy sources get used more efficiently and in many ways. In the future small-scale power plants and utility-scale PV systems will probably recieve more attention. Unfortunately the grid connection of such systems requires a lot of knowledge. In my dissertation I’m going to collect all the steps and laws of the connection of power plants to the power system grouped by size and type.

Using the Power World software I will scale and optimize a wind power plant of 9 turbines. My aim is to reduce the losses in the internal network. During the calculations I’m going to consider the yearly distribution of wind speed, so I’ll get a more accurate result about the future production. On the other hand I’m going to do some simulations to inspect that the power plant is able to connect to the grid. The highest performance of the system is between 5 and 50 MW, so it has to comply the standards of small-scale power plants. Increasing the cross-section of power cables will decrease the losses and the return of investment, but it’s base price will grow higher. Finding the most optimal point depends on the expectations of the investor.


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