Modernization of the HVAC control system on a river boat hotel

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays modernization of industrial equipment and appliance is a crucial part of a company’s maintenance process, because the risk of a failure or inefficient operation due to the use of out-of-date technology must be minimized. With upgrading it is possible to meet the general needs more effectively, achieve better convenience or add comfort functions. In my thesis I present a such a modernization project. My task was to modernize the climate control system of a luxury river hotel ship.

The previous climate control system of the Crystal Mozart river ship was an obsolete, old electromechanical control system. Since its commissioning, which was thirty years ago, it had only minor improvements. The control was complicated, some features no longer worked and its maintenance was difficult. The customer expected the new system to comply with the requirements of the present age. Accordingly, the control is now achieved with a PLC and a touch-screen HMI – human machine interface. With the usage of the PLC a more precise, better customizable and more dependable system can be created that is also easier to modify. The switching devices, wires, and other installation equipment exceeded their lifespan as well and needed to be changed completely.

The system designed by me consists of two cabinets: one for power distribution and one for control, the latter contains the PLC. The distribution cabinet was created in the cabinet already present on the ship, and a new cabinet was installed for the control system. Another element of the system is the HMI that serves the user's needs for monitoring the processes in real time and intervening on a touch screen.

Through my task I studied the functioning of the climate control system and the needs of the customer. I designed the power distribution cabinet, where I took the additional requirements for inland ships into consideration defined by the KöViM ordinance. I took part in the development of the PLC and HMI software and discussed the exact functioning of the software with the customer throughout the process. I coordinated the commissioning and looked for solutions to the problems that came up in the meantime.

The project has been successfully completed, meeting customer requirements.


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