Measuring cognitive abilities with computer games

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Dr. Pataki Béla József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Around the world, several research groups focus on providing psychologists and psychiatrists an effective framework for examining brain functions in a computer-aided way. Clinically validated test series can be used to measure cognitive abilities, but the disadvantage is that they are only available if subjects are monitored under controlled conditions by clinical trials. With the spread of the Internet, different kinds of computer games are now available to many people. Based on long-term experiences, we can assert that some simple computer games are capable of developing and measuring cognitive abilities. These games have the advantage that they can be accessed from home, not just for test purposes, but also for the entertainment of the users. The M3W project provides a framework that has been steadily expanding with new games for years and allows people to collect information from the games over long term usage, which can be used by experts to detect changes in cognitive abilities. The early detection of these changes gives an opportunity to detect chronic illnesses that mainly appear with the elderly, also the games provide an entertaining way for anybody to keep and develop their mental wellness.


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