Industry application of the collaborative robot

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During my MSc thesis I have worked with a collaborative robot, which is the product of ABB Hungary Group and the truly first one dual-arm robot in the world. Collaborative robots are absolutely new trend in the industry. With their special skills they bring huge values in the manufacturing and they are giving alternatives for society challenges as well. For this reason these robots have huge potentials in the near future, and have good chance to take dominant part in the industrial manufacturing. That was the reason why I have decided to work with ABB YuMi robot. The first goal was to get to know better the YuMi robot and making a research about his potential industrial application. It is worth to search these new applications, because the technology is so new that it really did not spread yet in Hungary, and in the world neither. From this fact has come my second goal in this thesis: creating a simulation program of an industrial application with YuMi robot, using the company’s RobotStudio software. Aspects were by the choice of this application the applicability of YuMi for this application and the possibility to put once this simulation process in the reality. For that, I used the software RobotStudio, in which every ABB robot is being able to simulate. I had to acquire knowledge about this software, and the task was to introduce this knowledge due to its base role of the application as well. Finally I introduce the typically robot code of YuMi, surrounding this robot topic with that.


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