Design of a compact audioplayer

OData support
Dr. Szabó Péter Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

The topic of my thesis is designing a portable audio player, wich meets the standards of the modern time-, and supports the most commonly used audio file formats.

In the first chapter I will present the most used music file formats, and analyze them in terms of structure, file format, and pointing out their advantages and disadvantages.

In he next chapter I will introduce the history of the media players from the begining to the present day. Then I will discuss three popular player, and analyze them in the user’s point of view, and compare them in terms of hardware architecture.

After that, I discuss the design steps that I went through when I designed the player.I will introduce the chosen components and the schematic that was created from them. Finally I will introduce the assembled player.

In the last chapter I will discuss the player’s firmware. I will introduce the firmware’s structure, and discuss the different hardware related functions Finally I will reveal the implemented grapical user interface.


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