Develop direct digital control (DDC) for district heating supply

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Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The theme of my thesis was ensured by an external company, named Telekont Kft. They asked me to plan and develop a Direct Digital Control (DDC) for district heating supply.

In the first chapter of my thesis, I would like to briefly introduce the ancestors of the new device, their market segment and the market search of the design. After that I would like to draw up some typical mechanical coupling to show the steps of the planning and to understand the amount and the kind of the technological signals. At the end of this chapter finally I would like to sum the requirements set against the planned device and to describe the system plan.

In the second chapter of my thesis, I will introduce the technological processor of the system, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the base of the software: the embedded Operation System (OS), then I will discuss in more detail the tasks of the processor, within that I will emphasis on the handling and the processing of the technological signals.

In the last big chapter, I will introduce the Central Processor Unit (CPU) of the device and its embedded operating system. In the rest of this chapter I will discuss the tasks of the CPU module and the implemented programs.

In the final chapter, you will find a short summery about the connection of programs and functions implemented in modules and rules of the CGI based dynamic web interface.


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