Engineering a complex technological and infocommunications fiber-optic network for nuclear power plant application

OData support
Dr. Mitcsenkov Attila Demeter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The dispatcher system is a surpassingly important communication tool. It is a communication network for privat systems based on busy free connections, providing special tasks and may require special services. Industrial plants, such as electric power plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical, etc. all have a dispatcher system, providing a reliable communication link between the operational staff members, thus facilitating their work. In the NPP, the dispatcher's work - as the technical leader in coordinating and managing operational processes - occupies a top priority in the operation. The dispatcher system uses operational communications to carry out the basic tasks of operating and controlling the personnel on shifts.

The Paks Nuclear Power Plant's currently servicing dispatch system (EDK system) is physically obsolete, it's functioning is becoming less reliable and amendable, which facts necessitate it’s reconstruction. Reconstruction in this case does not mean restoring the original phase, but framing up a modern Digital Dispatch Central (DDK) system design based on an optical backbone network, implemented with new, useful features. Configuration of the optical backbone network can be a sterling ground for the renewal of the fire alarm network (LMS), which is becoming less and less able to serve its mission, because of its low data rate.


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