Modelling component based systems in Eclipse environment

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Numerous technologies exist to plan IT infrastructures, all of them highly distinct. No singular framework exists to serve all needs that arise when planning various systems.

One of the most widely spread software planning paradigms is model-driven development. With this, the abstract model of the planned system is built first, providing a sound basis for the development phase. Thanks to the model-driven perspective, development time is reduced, as code generators can be used to create source code for the planned system straight from the model.

A framework that can describe complex, heterogeneous systems was created at the BUTE Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology. The system effectively incorporates the existing technologies of component-planning. Due to its extensibility, it supports cutting-edge technologies and transmission layers. Using this tool, SOAL, validated, executable source code can be created for the most widely used development environments. In addition, it generates standardized descriptions for the interfaces.

The topic of my thesis is developing a modelling component based plug-in for the open-source Eclipse environment. Using this, a system’s layers can be ergonomically planned on a graphical user interface. Following validation, well-formatted, correct description can be generated in the SOAL language based on the final model. The generated code is a good input for the framework developed by the BUTE Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology.


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